Sunday, October 20, 2013

Planning made easy!

At the beginning of the year, my co-teacher and I were contemplating of a better planning system.  We used Google Calendar for the past two years and found it was great for setting up a schedule, but lacked in adding detailed lessons and viewing them daily or weekly. Both of us wanted to be able to easily access our plan book and make notes of changes for us to see, so what better way to set up our schedule and lessons than to use  

We signed up and shared a login account for our one month free trial.  We can sign in simultaneously on different laptops or mobile devices, and enter lessons accordingly. As we refresh the page, we see instant updates of the lesson and we can add/edit/delete from anywhere and anytime.  It is organized and very simple to use.  It also has a bump feature where if a lesson couldn't be taught today, it can be bumped to tomorrow. Files such as worksheets, pdfs, images, powerpoints can be attached to a specific lesson. This way, the files can be easily downloaded or referred back to for future lessons.  There are also tabs to add Common Core standards and homework assignments. 

Here's a weekly view of our plans.  I love how it is color-coded, neat, and structured.   It can be printed daily or weekly.  We often return to it at the end of the day and update any changes that occur during the day. was designed for educators, the only catch is it costs $12/year, which is still cost effective given that a plan book is about $6 to $10 and we would need to buy two. Thus, no more writing twice and erasing necessary.  Happy planning!